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The power of “How might we?”


As a visitor to this site, you may already know my history as CEO at Cibola Systems, creating purpose-driven meeting environments for more than 1,000 organizations. You might not be as familiar with my other lifelong passion: practicing design thinking methods to create positive change.

Design thinking begins by asking “How might we?” It answers questions like “How might we double revenues to expand our mission?” and “How might we grow more innovative in our risk-averse culture?” For over 30 years I’ve worked with organizations, both large and small, finding answers to questions like these.

Here you can explore some of what I’ve learned. Perhaps my recent consulting and research will even be a jumping-off point for us to collaborate on your change challenge.

Thank you for visiting.

Three ways we can work together

Change by design


Workshops are an ideal format to explore solutions to specific, well-defined challenges. The best workshops include a diverse group of stakeholders. After a short introduction, participants work in pairs or small groups to quickly develop ideas and build rough prototypes. The result: innovative concepts ready for further development.

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Design thinking workshop illustration depicting people working around a table
Design thinking retreat illustration showing people around a whiteboard
Concentrated collaboration


Retreats provide small groups the time and structure needed for a deep dive into a compelling challenge. Working in teams, participants further define the challenge; generate multiple ideas to solve it; and prototype the most promising solutions. Specific measures of success are defined, and all group members commit to their role in realizing a way forward.

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Clarity from complexity


Consulting engagements begin by combining human-centered research and quantitative data to unpack complex challenges. Each subset of problems is addressed through a co-design process with stakeholders who help to develop and test ideas. Ultimately, the individual elements are combined into a holistic solution with a clear and measurable implementation path.

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Latest Insights

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  • "Strategy Review and Update" 5-session Board and Leadership Workshop, San Diego County Fair and Event Center, San Diego, CA September – November 2023
  • "Change Management Leadership Session" UCSF Healthforce Center, San Mateo, CA September 20, 2023
  • "Creating a Five-year Strategy with Scenario Planning" 3-session Workshop Facilitation, University of California School of Social Ecology, Irvine, CA March – May 2023
  • "Designing Your Life" Facilitation, Private Client, Irvine CA February – March 2023
  • "Accelerating Board Impact" Retreat Facilitation, Mission Hospital Ministry Board, Laguna Beach, CA October 17, 2022

Because of your tremendous work, we learned an innovative process that will help us achieve the daunting goal to double funds raised in the next five years. I continue to be in awe – not only for your expertise and leadership, but also for your passion.

Pat M.Health System Chief Development Officer

Lisa is a master at complex organization, is highly intuitive when it comes to gathering and analyzing data that supports a problem, and is a highly skilled creative problem solver. She is focused, high energy and drives initiatives to success. Lisa is one of the most dynamic thinkers, creators, doers and leaders I've ever met.

Greg N.Experiential Marketing Executive

Lisa’s 'Design Thinking in Healthcare' workshop was magic. In just 1.5 hours, roundtable members were able to conceive of new approaches to further dimensionalize their healthcare offerings, and create new ideas – ready for fleshing out beyond the workshop. Best of all, the session's interactivity gave all the participants a greater opportunity to bond more closely.

Mimi G.Peer Advisory Organization President

Your passion combined with your skill and creativity have been simply amazing! Your work on such an important part of our mission – fund development – has provided us with a strategic vision in what has proved to be one of our most challenging areas.

Mark B.Nonprofit Organization Chief Financial Officer

Lisa’s design thinking course challenges students to think differently, which can be uncomfortable. But she is so gifted in scaffolding that experience to make it a safe learning environment to fail, learn, and keep practicing.

Amanda B.Vice President of Learning

Based upon feedback from donors gleaned during the donor experience workshops, we opted to establish a number of ‘labs’ in the reception area prior to dinner. This resulted in a more-than-doubling of our fundraising, to nearly $1 million, at [our organization].

Kelly B.Regional Chief Development Officer

Dr. Perrine is an innovative servant leader. Recently I had the pleasure of attending one of her workshops and it was eye-opening. I realize the tools we came away with have infinite possibilities in arenas such as fundraising and business strategy.

Margaret M.University Professor

Lisa's enthusiasm for design thinking is contagious, and quite frankly a refreshing approach to clients’ needs and the discovery of an effective solution to complicated technology projects. I highly recommend that if you are engaged with Design Thinking as an Integrator or a Client, you start your roadmap with Lisa.

John G.Director of Sales

Lisa is a strategic thinker and has the ability to organize and communicate complex issues in understandable terms. She is a competent leader and has strong ethical values. I admire her wisdom, vision and modesty and value the time I worked with her.

Judi G.Hospital Board Vice Chair

Lisa has been walking the UX and human-centered design walk for many years and is an inspirational presence on our group. Her intellect, imagination, can-do energy, experience and empathy are inspirational to me.

Greg J.Standards Steering Committee Chair

Lisa is an amazing volunteer and professional. She's a strategic thinker and motivates others to look at things that way. I am honored to have been able to work with her and now call her a friend. She's one of a kind!

Julie H.Health Foundation President

Lisa is one of those leaders who has figured out the balance between hard work and reflection, and her steady, compassionate guidance results in projects completed way ahead of schedule, above and beyond the requirements, and finished with an artist's touch.

Deborah E.Learning and Development Leader