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A healthy audiovisual system is reliable, impactful, secure and compliant. How well does your system meet these benchmarks? Use this 12-point AV Risk Assessment to identify and address potential failure points.

Reliability: An AV system should never surprise you with frustrating and embarrassing failures. Proactively managing your equipment, network and power greatly reduces potential AV system disruptions.

  • Do all of your hardware components have the most recent firmware upgrades recommended by manufacturers?
  • Does your AV network provide consistent, uninterrupted service for all IP-enabled devices?
  • Do you have a power management plan for expected and unexpected AC power interruptions?

Impact: Spoken words and visual images are powerful tools for learning, selling, innovating and making decisions. AV systems make this high-impact communication possible. Voice and image clarity, plus easy access, are especially important for your mobile participants.

  • Does the quality of your audio reproduction and image display meet your stakeholders’ expectations?

  • Do your AV system controls allow you to start sessions on time and smoothly transition from one activity to the next?

  • Do your stakeholders want or need AV capabilities that your current systems cannot provide?

Security: Unprotected AV systems create a door into your organization’s private and confidential information. The solution to this issue combines physical and network barriers. Knowing your AV system’s security risks is the first step toward containing them.

  • Does your AV system provide an acceptable level of visual and audible privacy?

  • Do your network configuration and equipment settings prevent unauthorized access?

  • Do your physical security systems protect your equipment from theft, vandalism, and tampering?

Compliance: A surprising number of government regulations affect AV system design and operation. Though these laws don’t change often, evolving technologies can affect how they are applied. The cost for non-compliance with U.S. federal regulations can be especially painful, ranging from citations and fines to criminal penalties.

  • Do your AV systems and equipment installation comply with current ADA regulations for access by the disabled?
  • Does your audio system comply with FCC restrictions on wireless bandwidth use?
  • Do your audio and video systems comply with federal privacy laws such as HIPAA and FERPA?

Is your AV system’s health in jeopardy? To learn how Cibola can help you with your AV Risk Assessment, please contact us: 714-480-0272.

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